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Seven Tips to Relieve Back Spasms

Back Spasms Back spasms are places where there is cramping, knotting, twitching, or pulling in the musculature along the spine.  Usually, they are caused by imbalance of the muscles along the spine, poor hydration, improper nutrition, stress, over exertion, anxiety, and other numerous causes. Ice One should use ice when the injuries are acute and/or […]

The Main Causes of Spine Pain

The Main Causes of Spine Pain When it comes to the diagnosis and management of spine pain, there are two main categories to consider, these divisions are related to the potential source of pain.  The first category is related to anatomical sources such as tumor, fracture or herniated intervertebral disc.  The second is a functional […]

Acupuncture is Stronger than Morphine for Pain Relief

Acupuncture is Stronger than Morphine for Pain Relief According to a recent study from the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, scientists discovered that acupuncture is stronger than morphine for pain relief.  The study had 300 subjects, one half were treated with acupuncture and the other half were given morphine to treat their pain.  92% of the patients who were given acupuncture found that […]

Types of Turmeric- Part Two

Types of Turmeric- Part Two In the first installment of our series of blog posts pertaining to turmeric we discovered that Curcuma aromatica helps treat the liver as well as cholesterol levels . It should not be used with cloves or with anti-coagulant medications. Curcuma Longa- Turmeric Another of the over-the-counter turmeric types, Curcuma longa is the one most […]

Types of Turmeric- Part One

Types of Turmeric- Part One Over the past few months, we’ve received many questions from our patients regarding supplementing with turmeric. They want to learn: What exactly is it good for? What dosages should be taken? Who ought or shouldn’t use this medicinal herb? Which drugs or herbal remedies interact with it? And, numerous, other […]

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