Types of Turmeric- Part Two

In the first installment of our series of blog posts pertaining to turmeric we discovered that Curcuma aromatica helps treat the liver as well as cholesterol levels . It should not be used with cloves or with anti-coagulant medications.

Curcuma Longa- Turmeric

Curcuma Longa- Turmeric

Curcuma Longa- Turmeric

Another of the over-the-counter turmeric types, Curcuma longa is the one most likely labeled as turmeric.  In Chinese the herb is referred to as Jiāng Huáng (Jyong Hwong).  The Chinese characters are: 薑黄.  The term translates as “ginger yellow.”  Most likely because the herb resembles ginger that is a shade more yellow than normal ginger.

Curcuma longa is native to India, Sri Lanka, and Southern China.

Chinese Therapeutic Actions of Curcuma Longa

This medicinal herb activates blood flow as well as reduces blood stasis.  Which means that it can help address pain and discomfort under the ribs, abdominal pain during the menstrual period, upper abdominal pain and discomfort, PMS, as well as PMDD.

Also, it opens the acupuncture channels together with the collaterals to alleviate pain. This can help with arthritic aches and painful sensations in the joints.

Additionally, this medicinal herb eliminates swelling.  This type of swelling is frequently the result of long lasting stagnation of qi or blood. Therefore, this medicinal herb treats chronic conditions associated with the other functions.

Pharmacology and Clinical Research

Curcuma longa possesses cholagogic (Bile clearing), antiplatelet (blood thinning), antihyperlipidemic (reduces high cholesterol levels) as well as uterine stimulant properties. A powerful anti-inflammatory medicinal herb; turmeric is just as powerful and effective as ibuprofen as an anti-inflammatory treatment, yet does not produce the gastro-intestinal side-effects that ibuprofen contains.

Similar to Curcuma aromatica, Curcuma longa interacts with anti-platelet as well as anti-coagulant medications. Therefore, it should not be consumed by people who are on them.  Additionally, this medicinal herb is contraindicated while pregnant. Individuals that are weaker should only use this herb with great caution.


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