Modern Research Shows that an Ancient Herb Relieves Pain

ID-10044305Recent research from 2 January 2014 discovered a new pain relieving compound from the plant Corydalis yanhusuo.  The plant has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine for relieving pain and increasing blood circulation.  The new compound, termed DHCB (dehydrocorybulbine), is effective in treating acute, inflammatory, and neuropathic pains.

The corydalis tuber has been used for centuries for treating pain in China, now modern research identifies one of the compounds responsible for its trusted use.  Our office uses this herb in certain formulae that treat pain and we have found the herb to be an effective treatment.  The combined alkaloids in corydalis are about 40% as effective as the same dose of morphine, but without the side effects.  So, if you are looking for pain relief without side effects give our office a call.

Here is the link to the journal article from Current Biology:

Eric Waltemate, DC, LAc (IN)
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