How To Boost Your Immune System With Acupuncture and Alternative Medicines

Your immune system has been developing over hundreds of thousands of years, long before there were doctors’ offices. Everyone alive on earth today has survived because of the magic of their immune system. However, modern technology enables medical science to understand an increasing amount about how our immune system functions; some very ancient lore still provides answers about boosting its power. 


 Good question! The very fact that it’s called a “system” suggests that it’s a network instead of a single entity. It’s composed of cells, tissues, and organs throughout your body that works together. Think of it as your personal military with guards, commanders, spies, training camps, soldiers, weapons — the works. Its job is to stay on full alert in search of invaders as well as breaches in the perimeter. Considering how many kinds of invaders exist — viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites — it does a pretty good job! Vaccines, designed to show the immune system how to identify evidence of specific enemies, are making worldwide headlines. 


 Any army needs to be fed and furnished with equipment in addition to being given safe transport to areas of conflict. That’s where you come in. When you eat nutritious food, keep well-hydrated, go out in the sunshine and fresh air, and get enough sleep on a regular basis, you’re providing your army with the means to do its job. 

 Sometimes, though, the basics aren’t enough, and you need reinforcements. That’s where the experts come in. 


 You’ve heard of horses and cattle seeking out specific plants to heal themselves. You yourself probably self-medicate with coffee, tea, chocolate, or other substances. “CAM” is the current term referring to complementary and alternative medicine, another way of describing the practices of ancient lore. 

 Complementary medicine uses additional treatments alongside science-based Western practices. Examples include mind-body interventions, biologics such as the use of herbs, and physical manipulations such as massage therapy and acupuncture.

 Although acupuncture originated from ancient Chinese theories based on meridians of energy flow within the body, it is increasingly becoming an accepted part of Western medicine. Widely respected research institutions have published numerous findings detailing studies demonstrating the validity of acupuncture’s ability to support immune function and anti-inflammatory responses. 

 Alternative medicine and Denver acupuncture have come a long way over the years. Alternative medicine is essentially the exclusive use of complementary practices to the exclusion of any conventional Western medicine. 


 You’ll want to search for answers from reliable sources. Scammers who want your money will make wild promises without proof, so avoid sources pushing to sell you their products and services. Consult experts in their fields of study who have explored a variety of treatments to learn the pros and cons of each. 

 It’s human nature to want to believe in easy solutions from people who seem knowledgeable, but we have to use caution. Check for reports of fraud or malpractice as well as any self-proclaimed expert’s refusal to consider benefits of any treatment but for one. 

 Miracles can’t be bought. Plan on participating in your own healing process with the understanding that results take time. That being said, celebrate the miracle you already have within your own body, your immune system!