An Herb for Neck Pain and Arthritis


Sang Zhi 桑枝
Mulberry Twig (桑枝, Sāng Zhī)- Herb for Neck Pain and Arthritis

Mulberry Twig Treats Neck Pain

Mulberry twig is useful for treating neck pain.  Even modern doctors in China still use it for treating arthritis in the neck.  (Fu Jian Chinese Medical Journal)  It is especially useful in treating neck pain with heat and swelling.

Mulberry Twig is an Antibiotic

Mulberry twig has antibiotic effects against Staph aureus, B. dysenteriae, Salmonella and various fungi. (Manual of Plant Medicinals and Their Active Constituents; A Handbook of the Composition and Pharmacology of Common Chinese Drugs)

Mulberry Twig Treats Tendonitis

Two thirds of patients who had tendonitis of the elbow recovered completely when they took an herbal formula containing mulberry twig.  (Heilongjiang Chinese Medicine and Herbology)

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