Magnolia Flower- Herb for Allergies and Sinus Problems

Cropped_Xin_Yi_HuaThe magnolia flower always reminds me of the movie “Steel Magnolias” which is odd as I’ve never seen the movie.  I did see the movie “Magnolia” in which Tom Cruise played a, wait for it… cocky ladies’ man- shocking, I know.

The Chinese characters for magnolia flower are 辛夷花, Romanized as Xīn Yí Huā, and pronounced like “Syeen Ee Hwa.”  Nothing special about the name, it just means “magnolia flower.  Although, it rather looks like a tiny “lucky rabbit’s foot.”

Magnolia Flower Treats Nasal Problems

Xīn Yí Huā treats nasal obstruction with clear or white discharge.  It also treats blocked nasal passages.  A study from the Journal of Chinese Herbology showed a 95% treatment success rate in 120 subjects.  A study in New Medicine of 2,450 patients showed that 92.5% of patients had success with their symptoms using magnolia flower.

Magnolia Flower Treats Sinus Problems

Xīn Yí Huā opens the sinuses, especially when paired with other herbs.  A study from Shanxi Chinese Medicine showed that there was a 93% treatment success rate using the magnolia flower to treat sinusitis.  The herbal decoction was taken only for a week to obtain these results.

Other Miscellaneous Symptoms Treated by Magnolia Flower

Xīn Yí Huā lowers high blood pressure.  It relieves pain.  It is a uterine stimulant.  And it has antibiotic properties against dermatomycoses, and some species of staphylococcus and streptococcus.  This is probably the main reason for its effectiveness in nasal and sinus problems.

Chinese Medicinal Actions of Magnolia Flower

Chinese medical terms are different than standard western medical terms.   Xīn Yí Huā dispels wind cold and opens nasal orifices.


Xīn Yí Huā is contraindicated in patients with Yin vacuous fire or Liver Yang rising.

The video below gives the same information in a different format, click on the link and watch the video.

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Source:  Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology- Chen and Chen

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