An Acupuncture Point that can Treat Almost Everything!

Lightning Point

LU_7-_Lie_QueOnce again, we have an acupuncture point that pretty much can “do it all.”  This function is enhanced when combined with other points.  Ma Dan Yang, the famous physician of the 12th century Jin Dynasty ranked it among his “Eleven Heavenly Star Points” which were the eleven points he thought were the most powerful.  He used it for migraines, wandering pains, excessive phlegm, and lockjaw.  The 16th century Ming Dynasty physician Gao Wu included it in his list of command points for the neck and back of the head.

In western convention this point is known as LU 7 because it’s the seventh point on the “lung” channel.  In Chinese the characters are列缺which is Romanized as Liè Quē and pronounced as “Lyeah Chweh”.  The point is found on the wrist with the palm facing you, about one and a half inches from the wrist crease on the thumb side of the hand.  For a clearer view, look at the diagram in the post or look in the video.

The point, which is translated as “Lightning”, in its classical indications descends Lung Qi and regulates Qi and Blood in the chest.  Which means that it treats cough, shortness of breath, asthma, heart pain, palpitations, chest pressure and pain on the inner aspect of the arm.

Ancient Doctors Used Lightning Point to Treat These Diseases

Lung Diseases: Chills and fever, nasal congestion and discharge, sore throat, coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath.

Diseases and Symptoms of the Head and Neck:  Headache, neck pain and stiffness, deviation of the mouth and eye, toothache.

Urogenital Diseases:  Blood in the urine, painful urination, difficulty urinating, genital pain, PMS, PMDD.

Musculoskeletal Diseases:  Pain of the wrist and hand, weakness of the wrist and hand, thumb pain, thumb weakness, hot palms

Miscellaneous Diseases:  Swelling of the limbs, hypertension, poor memory, palpitations, frequent yawning or stretching, chest tension, breast distention, rib area fullness.

Modern Uses of Liè Quē

Modern uses of Lightning include sinus problems, morning sickness, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, allergies, digestive problems, recovery from chemotherapy, face pain, headaches, excessive sweating, sore throat, tonsillitis, thyroid problems, strep throat, shoulder weakness, shoulder pain, wrist weakness and/or pain, hand weakness and/or pain, thumb weakness and/or pain, asthma, and back pain.

Esoteric and Psychoemotional uses of Lightning Point

Lightning is indicated for a person has toxins that have to be eliminated.  It harmonizes the other acupuncture channels that are on the palm side of the arm.  It relieves worry, grief, and sadness especially when borne in silence.  Lightning helps resolve repressed emotions and helps free emotional stagnation related incomplete expression or suppression of grief, sadness, and worry.

This video explains the point in a slightly different way and is very short.  Click on it and watch it.



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