The Two Conditions that Lead to Heart Disease and the Herb that can Stop Them

Cassia SeedAccording to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), every 39 seconds an adult dies from a heart attack, a stroke or other blood vessel disease.  The two main causes of these diseases are high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  68,000,000 Americans have high blood pressure and half of them do not have it under control.  71,000,000 Americans have high cholesterol and 2/3rds of them don’t have it under control.  The good news is that a common herb can help reduce both.

The herb is the cassia seed.  In Chinese the characters are 決明子, it is known as Jué Míng Zi (pronounced as “Jweh Meeng Dzuh”.)

Classically, the herb is indicated for red eyes, dry eyes, swelling of the eyes or pain, and when the light hurts a person’s eyes.  More serious eye conditions that are treated by cassia seed are night blindness, cataracts, and optic nerve degeneration.  Other indications are for headache, dizziness, vertigo, red face, irritability and constipation.

Modern indications show that the herb fights Staphlococcus aureus, Corynebacterium diptheriae, E. coli and other bacteria.  Chinese Herbology Journal showed that cassia seed reduces high blood pressure and water retention.  Chinese Herbology Journal and Chinese Herbal Medicine the herb has been shown to lower blood cholesterol levels in animals and in humans.  A report from The Chinese Hospital Journal of Herbology showed that 48 patients who took cassia seed syrup three times per day for two months had a drop in blood cholesterol, triglycerides, and β-lipoprotein in 91% of the patients.

The video below gives a different format for cassia seed.  Click on the link to watch the video.


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Source:  Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology- Chen and Chen

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