Hook Vine (Gōu Téng)


Cropped_Gou_TengThis herb is a plant that contains little “hooks” that are part of the plant.  In Chinese it is called Gōu Téng (pronounced like “go tung”) and the characters are 鉤藤.  The name means “hook vine.”

Hook vine “extinguishes wind and alleviates spasms.”  It is indicated for convulsions, tremors, high fever, spasms, seizures tetany, irritability and restlessness. 

Gōu Téng “clears head and pacifies liver yang.”  This meand that ican treat headache, feelings of distention in the head, dizziness, vertigo, hypertension, tinnitus and insomnia.

Hook vine has antihypertensive effects that are moderate and prolonged and is a potent and long lasting vasodilator.  it also has properties of adrenoceptor and calcium channel blocking.  It also reverses the stimulating effect of caffeine but does not prolong sleeping time induced by barbiturates.

Gōu Téng has antiseizure properties that are synergistic when used with gastrodia rhizome.  New research shows that hook vine helps diminish the shaking symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. 

A study of 245 patients showed that 38% of the subjects had significant and long lasting reduction of hypertension.  77% of the subjects in the study showed some improvement in reduction of hypertension. 

Hook vine can help with headaches, high blood pressure, and “the shakes.”  The video below has some of this information in a different form.  The video is short and won’t take up too much of your time.  Click on the video and watch it.  Please share this information with your friends.





Source:  Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology- Chen and Chen

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